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The Worst mistake you can make at a Night Navigation Meet

I am amazed how fast light technology has been moving with lights. Remember that really strong headlamp you bought 8 years ago for the night hikes you were going to do?

Well, chances are that you will find out 10 times as bright and half the cost now. Amazingly, at the Night Owl we are still having people show up each year with NO light, or a weak hand held flashlight.

If you have not been shopping for Headlamps lately, you might do that now. You should not go out into E.P. Sawyer without an adequate headlamp. We even had our Dog wearing lights a few years ago and that gave us some security knowing that we could always find him.

What should you buy? Most of the lights you see have LED lamps in them and are rechargeable. They all have a Lumen Rating on them and of course, the higher the Lumen, the brighter the light. Comfort matters as well so be sure to pay attention to weight. You certainly do not want to end the trek with a massive headache by wearing something that is heavy. I think that the minimum Lumens you should consider for this type of event is 500 Lumens. The light I have is a Fenex HL55 (900 Lumens). The light was recommended to me by the Meet Director of this meet (Carl Christy). Right now, Amazon has this fantastic light on sale for only $55. Price to steep? Check out this 500 Lumen 2 Pack for only $25 by GoForWild. There are plenty of options out there but whatever you decide to bring. Make sure you bring extra batteries! Remember to

sign up for the Meet early. It will be held rain or shine and don’t forget about the Night Navigation clinic the night before. (Link coming soon)

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