The Kentucky State Parks system offers some of the finest orienteering opportunities in this part of the country! You’ll find courses with varying levels of difficulty suitable for everyone.

Barren River Lake State Park

  Lucas, Kentucky

Beginner Course 1.6km - 9 control points Missing controls at the moment

Advance Course 3.9km - 16 control points

Big Bone Lick State Park

  Union, Kentucky

Advance Course 4.5km - 10 control points

NOTE AS OF 3/1/20: Please note the warning signs regarding the dam at Big Bone Lick, which is currently leaking and in need of repair. Areas immediately below the dam and around the lake are currently closed. Skip controls 13-14-15!

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park

   Louisville, Kentucky

Advance Course 4.2km - 10 control points Control #8 (cave) was recently made off limits as there is an endangered species in the area.  Please skip this control.

Rough River Dam State Park

   Falls of Rough, Kentucky

Tayorsville Lake State Park

   Mt. Eden, Kentucky

Advance Course 3.4km - 13 control points

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