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OLOU The Club

Orienteering Louisville (OLOU) is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers that has been creating maps and hosting regular events throughout the city and surrounding counties since the late 1980s.

OLOU promotes land navigation through the use of maps and compasses as part of an active lifestyle to increase the enjoyment of natural resources and respect for wildlife and the environment.

To contact anyone in the Club, please contact us by email


Brian Baker

V. President

Chris Gerstle


Jim Carter and Ken Kling

Board Member

Stephanie Falk

Board Member

Simmons Falk

Board Member

Louie Smith

Board Member

Bruce Moore

Board Member

Steven Gravatte

Board Member

Justin Feaster

Boy Scout Liason

Dan Curley


Bruce Moore

Equipment Manager


Parks Liason

Ken Kling

Orienteering Louisville

P.O. Box 34062

Louisville, KY 40232-4062

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