In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic Orienteering Louisville will not be holding any group events. However, we are providing an alternative for those that still want to get out and go orienteering using your smartphone and the app UsynligO (Usynlig means invisible in Norwegian).

Here's how it works:

  • The club will create courses for local parks like we normally do, and upload them to UsynligO.

  • You can go online to to find, download and/or print the maps.

  • Go to the park, start the UsynligO app and start Orienteering on you're own.

  • The app uses your phone's GPS to determine when you are close enough to the control to virtually punch it (no actual flag will be out on the course and the app allows some wiggle room in case the GPS is a little off).

  • If you login to the app your results can be uploaded for comparing with others.

Orienteering with UsynligO

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