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The Night Owl 2019

E.P. Sawyer Park   Nov 9th

The Night Owl is one of our most popular event and for a good reason.   This is our only annual Orienteering meet in the dark and with E.P. Sawyer Park normally closing the Park once the sun sets, we have exclusive use of it for 2 hours.  The weather in past events has been near perfect.      This is our 3rd Meet in our 5 meets series of Forest meets in our Fall GoGo-(Forest) Series.   You can read about qualifications and awards on our Fall GoGo Page.     


What makes this meet different?

This is "Score-O" format.   What that means is that you have a certain amount of time to get as many control points as possible.   The Control Points are "Difficulty Weighted"   The harder they are to get to, the more points you will get awarded.   There are usually a handful of people that get them all.    What else is different?  The Dark thing of course!    Do you have a good headlamp?    But I have a Fenix I love but there are others out there.  Btw, please support local and you will be helping yourself.   

Meet Costs

Cost:    $10 Per Person

Discount of  $3 for JROTC, Scouts, other youth groups or OLOU/OUSA Members.

Family and Group Rate: Children going with paid adults are free (up to 2)

Please use registration link at bottom of this page

Other Details

This is a "Score-O" Format.    Score-O means that you have a certain time limit to get as many points as possible.   In this meet, the time limit is 2 hours.  We also have a set start time for this meet so that means that if you leave 30 minutes late , you will only have 90 minutes.    If you are back after the 2 hour time limit past the official start, points will be deducted from you total.    At the Night Owl, we normally start right around 7pm but that could fluxuate so be sure to get to the event early to allow time for gear check, registration and Meet Director briefing.     The Score-O format is different in that you can go any direction you want.  There is no set order of points unlike other events we run.     We encourage online registration.   



Is this event suitable for Children?    Yes, with an adult.  Our Control Points are usually divided up between Easy, Intermediate and Difficult.  If you have a family or are a beginner, there will be plenty of control points set up for you to get without going far. 

Can I bring my Dog?   Dogs are allowed at E.P. Sawyer Park as long as they are leashed.  Just a warning though:  The park has more than its share of Skunks and the few people that normally take their dogs have stopped doing so.   

Can we register and pay at the event?   Yes, but we do not accept Credit Cards at this time.   We would rather have you sign up online to make it easier and faster for the Meet Director.    

Any more questions, please contact the Meet Director Carl Christy 

If you have problems with reaching him or have a more general question, please email Orienteering Louisville



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