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For the adventurous of all ages...

What exactly is Orienteering?

Orienteering is an activity that involves navigating terrain through a sequence of locations using a very detailed topographic map and compass.

The route between locations is not marked, it's up to the orienteer to analyze the map and determine how to get there. If your are racing, thinking quick can save you a lot of time.

Events generally have multiple courses, with one designed for beginners and 1 or more courses for more experienced orienteers. If you are able to hike trails through some degree of hilly terrain then you are physically capable of completing a course.

Why would I do something like this?

There are a lot of reasons why you might like orienteering...

Casual Exercise
Scout Badges

It's a sport! People race against each other to see who can navigate the course(s) the fastest. If this is you thing, we have people to push you.

Running not your thing? No problem! We have members that walk the courses with their families.

Both Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts of America have badges for orienteering. We can help your kiddo or troop get them!

Fascination for Maps

Many courses take you off the beaten path, away from pavement and dirt trails to those areas you likely wouldn't see if you just went hiking.

Orienteering maps are about as detailed as a map gets. They show just about anything that could reasonably be used to help navigate terrain. From man made features like fences, buildings and stone ruins to natural ones like hills, cliffs and steams, to things like how thick forest vegetation is.

Perhaps you just need a reason to disconnect from the information overload of all the smart things in your life.

You've got me hooked, now what?

I have more questions.
I need to try this ASAP!
How can I follow you guys?

Check out our FAQ's page. If your question isn't answer there you can reach out to us.

Our Events page is where we keep a list of all of our upcoming activities. We also list orienteering events from some of our neighboring clubs.

You can follow us on Facebook. We post upcoming local upcoming events and results there. It's also a good place to reach out to us.

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