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UsynligO App

Pronounced "U-Seein'-Lee-O" - Norwegian for "Invisible O(rienteering)"

Step 1: Go to the UsynligO website and create a login username and password.  Don't use Guest or Anonymous.

Step 2: Download the app to your smartphone.

Step 3: Go to the Settings on your phone and make sure the Location in the UsynligO app is set to "Always"

Step 4: Open and log into the UsynligO app using your username and password.  Please NO NOT use Google to sign it - your name will not show up on the results.

Step 5: In the app, click on the gear logo in the upper right corner and make sure:

-Store trace is "On" (green)

-Control radius is 15m

-Min. GPS accuracy is 20m

UsynligO 3.PNG
UsynligO 2.PNG

When you arrive at the start location at the park...

Step 1: Select "UsynligO events" and find the GOGO course for that park.  There should be a Beginner and an Advance course to choose from.

UsynligO 3.PNG
UsynligO 4.PNG

Step 2: Make sure "Publish my time is on (green).

Step 3: When you are ready to go, press "Start"

UsynligO 6.PNG


UsynligO 7.jpg

Next control #

that you need

to find.

Find the controls

in order.

Your phone will chime and vibrate when you find the control.

After the Finish...

Step 4: Press "Share Route Tracking" to download a GPX file. 


Upload the GPX file to the GOGO Results page Routegadget.

Step 5: Log your name and times, plus any control "knots" if you need to, on the Upload Results  online form on our website.

That's it!

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