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Summer Series

Orienteering Louisville will be hosting live in-person meets on Tuesday nights from 6:00-7:15. Each meet will have two courses, a shorter easier one and a longer more technical one. These will be like what we’ve done in the past for in-person GOGO meets.

Ways to Register:

  • Season Pass: will be available for $50 that will cover all the meets (including the chase), no additional registration per event will be needed with the season pass. Show up, grab your map & fingerstick and go. This is the only option for the virtual meets.

  • Advanced Registration $5: for a single in-person event will be available for $5 if registered before 3AM the Monday before the meet.

  • Late Registration $10: If you need to sign-up after 3AM Monday, please contact to reserve a map and arrange payment. There will be a limited number of extra maps available and will be first come first serve. Registering after 3AM on Monday will be $10.

Recreational Virtual Meets:

There will be a virtual component available via the Usynligo app starting the day after the meet. This will be the same courses as the Tuesday night made available for those that can’t make our in-person or who prefer the added flexibility. This is only available to those that purchase the season pass. There will be no markers left out for these virtual events. If you are new to the sport or a novice, we strongly recommend coming to the in-person events a few times until you feel comfortable navigating on your own. Taking advantage of access to seasoned navigators is really the best way to learn. Also, these virtual courses are considered recreational and won’t count towards getting a competitive seed time for the end-of-season chase event. You’ll still be able to participate in the courses at the chase, but you will need to make several in-person meets if you’d like to compete in the chase competitively.

What to Bring:

  1. ​​ Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty!

  2.  Compass if you have one.  The UsynligO app has a compass in it as well.

  3.  Bug spray - it is tick season.

  4.  Water. 

  5.  Whistle for emergencies.

  6.  If using UsynligO after the Tuesday event - Maps printed from home. 

  7.  Make sure your phone has a good charge prior to arrival.  The app may use up to 30% battery life depending on the type of phone you have and what else is running in the background.

What is The Chase:

At the end of the summer season, we will do a competitive "chase."  This is done in a reverse chase format. Points and times earned from the previous events will determine your start time. Slower navigators get an earlier start time and faster navigators get later start times. If the math works out with the SloCo calculation, then most participants will arrive to the finish around the same time. Awards are presented afterwards.  Location, start times and cost for The Chase are to be determined closer to the event. This event will be open to all, but you need to participate in several in-person meets in order to qualify to race competitively for awards.