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iOrienteering App

Step 1: Go to the iOrienteering website and create a login username and password.  You MUST do this from the website on a computer.  You won't be able to create a login username and password from a mobile phone.

Step 2: Download the app to your smartphone.

Step 3: After arriving at the park, open the iOrienteering app and click on Load an event.  Scan the QR code on the map or type in the six-digit start code for the course (case sensitive) to load the course. 

Step 4: Locate the purple start triangle on the map.  Find and scan the Start QR code on the marker in the start area, then complete the course in order.  There is no Clear and Check for this.  You MUST scan the QR codes from the iOrienteering app.  A regular QR code reader app will just send you to the iOrienteering website and will not register timing info for you.  Remember to scan the Finish QR code to stop the timer.  The Finish will be in the double purple circles on the map.

iOrienteering Example.jpg

Step 5: After you scan the Finish, your split times and finish time will be shown on your screen.  Click Upload Results.  Then click on View all results to see all the times from the other participants.

How to add other people on the same phone/app

For kids using their parent's phone - create a Sub-account on the website

Step 1: Go to the the iOrienteering website (you have to add users from the website, you can't do this from the app on your phone).  Login using your username and password.  Click "User Accounts" on the toolbar.

Step 2: Click on the black "Add sub-user" button on the left.

Step 3: Add in the details for the family member.  Just put in the minor's birth year, leave the month and day as January 1st.  NOTE that for sub-users, it will not let you use the same email address as the main account user.  The email for sub-users is not important and there is no confirmation email sent.  So you can use either another email or make up a fake email address.  Click "Save changes" when you finish.

Step 4:  Note the password for the Sub-user (it is not customizable) and note it on your phone.  You can only access this screen from a computer - you will not be able to go back to his screen from your mobile phone.  This is needed to login to the app.  The password is hidden in this example.

Step 5:  At the park with the iOrienteering app open, logout from the account of the main user.  Then re-login with the user name and the password for that sub-user.

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