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2019 Final GoGo Weekend (Sunday Sept 22)

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NOTE:   The location for this event has changed to Cherokee Park (Steglar's Pavilion).    There will be signs pointing to our exact location.    Cherokee Park - Steglar's Pavilion Locator Map

Registration and payment for this event is online encouraged.    There is one fee for the whole day.   You can sign up and pay onsite as well but it helps us if you sign up in advance.    See the link below.   LATE FEE KICKS IN ON SEPT 19TH


Format:   This is an all day event, you can participate in as many events as you want.   There is just one fee for the whole day.

*Some of these events are pending volunteers stepping up.   Asterisk * = Approximate Time  


Open all day:   MAZE and Beginner Course

We will have the Maze and the Beginner Orienteering course open all day for anyone that wants to try it.  Do these as many times as you want.  

12:30 - 1:30  Beginners Clinic

This clinic will be much more extensive than the free beginner's clinic we normally give at the front end of all our meets.    Laurie Bishop and Shannon Ludwig will be your instructors.   This is designed for those just starting out, or those that are having problems moving on to the next level.   Children are welcome but they should have a basic understanding of how to read a map and should not be younger than 9 years old. 


2:00 - 3:00  Intermediate/Advanced Clinic 

We rarely have any advanced training but more of these are in the future plans.   We will cover Contour Lines, fast interpretation of map features and a few other things.   Most of this clinic focuses on Sprint Format (Our GoGo Meets).   Instructor:  Bruce Moore

3:30 - 4:30 Maze Relay

The details are still being worked out but this promises to be a fun event.  Ryan Dunlap is putting this one on.   The teams will be put together on the spot and the winning team gets an award! 


5:00  Chase the Rabbit

This is the 4th year of the Chase and a fun event that anyone can win. You only need to have 6 finished courses in the GoGo Summer Series to qualify for placing.   It is open to anyone regardless but for those just starting out, we have an easy course set up as an option.   Click here to see what your start time is and if you qualify.  

*6:30 Potluck and Awards

There is a website setup for those who are participating and want to bring a dish.  We do not have a paid option for this and we do not want everyone to bring just one item  Potluck Signup



We are keeping the fees as simple and low as possible but at the same time giving encouraging youth and volunteers to participate.     OLOU values both and the event is completely free for volunteers and children under the age of 16.   

We also are giving paid club members and early online registrations a big discount.   ***Not all fees fit your situation so if you have any questions, please call the Meet Director Bruce Moore at 502-640-6861

Fee Breakdown

The fees for this event do not count any penalties and discounts which are as follows:

$10 Discount for OLOU Club Member

$5 Discount (registering before Sept 18)

*Free for Volunteers of this event and Kids under 16.  If you are a group outing such as JROTC, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.   The fee is $5 per event per participant, however chaperones (IE, Scout leaders) are free

*If you are a volunteer for this event, you do not have to sign up online but please let me know what you want to participate in and any times you cannot work.

Day Pass:  Everything is one price  $35 for all not counting discounts (IE, if you are a club member and sign up before the late fee kicks in, it is only $20.)

A La Carte:  $15 each event.     The events that count are 1. Simple course  2. Maze Relay  3. Chase the Rabbit.  The Maze is free for anyone if you just want to try it on your own.   Want to just show up for the Potluck?  Fine as long as you bring a dish.   

Can you just show up the day of the event and sign up?   Yes, of course.   There will be a late fee of $5.   

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