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2020 Summer GoGo Series

Our Summer GoGo Season is similar to our Winter GoGo Season but it runs much longer and we have the meets starting at 6pm on Tuesday evenings.        The last start allowed is at 7:15 with Controls being picked up at  7:30.   There are 2 courses at every meet.  The Beginner course is always family and first-timer friendly.  The harder course is really not that difficult and once you get the hang of it. 

We do not have online registration for this series as we try to keep it as simple as possible.   The fee is $5 for one or both courses.    That fee also covers up to one other person if you want to go together with someone.  As with all of our events, kids are free if they go with parents.  As it is with all of our events, we do not cancel events because of bad weather unless EXTREME or the park itself is closed.  Be sure to watch our Facebook Group online if there is any doubt.    We are a small group and would love to have help.   Just ask at the registration table how you can help.  

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