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2020 Summer GoGo Series - Social Distance Edition

Our Summer 2020 GoGo Season is going to look a little different this year due to COVID-19.  To encourage social distancing and following CDC, state and OUSA guidelines, we are doing solo orienteering for our weekly series using an orienteering phone app.  Results will still be tabulated and posted online, as well as accumulating points counted for the Chase event at the end of the season.  OLOU will reevaluate how we continue to conduct the series after July 1st when restrictions are scheduled to be relaxed.

How do I participate:

      1. Registration will be ONLINE ONLY.  The cost is $30.00 for a season pass that is good for all 8 weeks.  There will be NO on-site registration or individual weekly registration.  Club membership is not required, but highly encouraged.

      2. Registered participants will be emailed the password for the beginner and advance maps by noon on the Tuesday of the listed date for that week's park.

      3. Print off the map at home and bring it to the park.  Let someone know where you are going and when you are expected back.

      4. Participants have a one week window to complete the courses at a time convenient for them.

      5. We will be using the UsynligO orienteering app.  Click on the button above for a link to info on the app.  The app works on both Android and Apple devices.

      6.  If more than one person is using the same phone (parents and kids), after the first person completes, log out of UsynligO and log in with the other person's user name.

      7.  After completing the course, report your name and times in the Upload Results link above.

      8.  Export your GPX track and put it on Routegadget in the results page.

Event Guidelines

      1. Follow Social Distance Guidelines:  Allow at least 6' between yourself and any other people you might see at all times.  By allowing people to go out and run the weekly meet on their own time, we hope to alleviate any overlap of people, but if you do happen to see people from the club you know who are out orienteering while you are out (or even other people out walking around), please be respectful of recommended social distancing, and give people appropriate space. 

      2. There Will Not Be a Meet Director On-Site:  Unfortunately this is not the time to be social, but there will come a time again when we're able to do this.

      3. There Are NO Flags/Electronic Controls:  We've discussed the best way to facilitate these solo events, and elected to not put out checkpoints/flags.  The meet director however will hang flagging tape at the control locations.  On the tail of the flagging tape will be a series of 1-5 knots tied into the tape.  If the app's GPS does not lock on the control point when you arrive to it, or if you are not using the app, please note the number of knots on the tape to confirm that you found the control.

      4. Qualifying For The Chase:  Participants will need to complete 3 of the Advance Courses to qualify for the Advance Chase, and 3 of the Beginner Courses to qualify for the Beginner Chase at the end of the season.

Courses Offered:

       Beginner Course: This is a short course perfect for beginners and families.  The course will stick to mainly the trails.

       Advance Course:  This course is longer with some navigation skills required.  In most parks, this course will be cross country through forest.

What to Bring:

      1. Wear something comfortable that you don't mind getting a little dirty!

      2. Maps printed from home and something to write with in case the GPS does not lock onto your location.

      3. Compass if you have one.  The UsynligO app has a compass in it as well.

      4. Bug spray - it is tick season.

      5. Water.  Note that restroom facilities are CLOSED at all parks at the moment.

      6. Whistle for emergencies.

      7. Make sure your phone has a good charge prior to arrival.  The app may use up to 30% battery life depending on the type of phone you have and what else is running in the background.

What is The Chase:

At the end of the summer season, we will do a competitive "chase."  This is done in a reverse chase format. Points and times earned from the previous events will determine your start time. Slower navigators get an earlier start time and faster navigators get later start times. If the math works out with the SloCo calculation, then most participants will arrive to the finish around the same time. Awards are presented afterwards.  Location, start times and cost for The Chase are to be determined closer to the event.

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