Fall Series #4 - Wild Turkey Run


IMPORTANT! Advanced Registration Required. This park doesn't allow us to collect fees at the park. See registration link below.



Starts are anytime between 10AM to Noon. Everyone must be off the course by 2PM.



$10 for members and $12 for non-members. There is a $2 late signup fee after 11/17/19. Event registration will close at 5PM the day before the race. We use an electronic punch system. You can rent a stick for $1 or bring your own.

Point to Point

Controls have to be navigated in a specific order shown on the map. Starts are rolling during a designated window and everyone needs to be done by a certain time. These events generally have multiple courses being run with varying difficulty.


White – About 2.5km -Easy to find controls on trails or in the open

Yellow – About 3.5km - Controls visible from trails

Orange – About 5km - Controls further in the woods and terrain a little more strenuous

Brown – About 4km - Focuses on more difficult navigation without being too strenuous

Green – About 5.5km – Similar to Brown but longer

Red – About 7km – Difficult navigation, long and more strenuous

Blue – About 8.5km – Difficult navigation, longest and most strenuous course


Louis Smith 3/Aaron Smith

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