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Advanced Navigation Training Sessions

When:       The Advanced Training will also be on Monday evenings at 7pm starting on Feb 22nd and will last for 5 weeks and end with a training on OLOU's newest map at Pope Lick Park.


Where:   We will meet for a 60-90 minute class on Zoom followed by a training exercise that has been previously setup for you to practice on your own time in a local park.


Details:       Each class will be presented live on Zoom and we will focus on 2 or 3 techniques that will help become a better navigator.   After the live class, it will be up to you to do the specialized training set up for you in a nearby location.   The advanced session will feature special guest instructors that have specialized skills.    If you cannot make a live class, the recordings will be available on YouTube with a private link to those that have signed up.    


Advanced Training will focus on the competitive aspect of Orienteering and although some fundamentals will be reviewed, we will focus on repetitive training exercises so you can go to the next level.   The trainings will be coordinated by Ryan Dunlap and Bruce Moore, with some special guests brought in to talk about specific skill sets.

If you are just starting out and want to be competitive, then you should attend both sessions.

Cost per session:    $40 per person per session with a $10 discount if you are an OLOU Club member and another $10 discount if signed up for 2021 Winter GoGo Season Pass. 

There is a class size limit of 20 people and those 20 will experience exclusive Orienteering on a brand new map of Pope Lick Park

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